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Custom Web Applications

Do you have an idea for a web application that doesn't exist yet? Do you want to create an interactive, database driven application that needs to be custom programmed?

Examples of Custom Web Apps we've developed:

  • Unique Learning and Study System from the Taylor Study Method
  • Business Background Checks and Searches from Best Business Choices
  • Custom Job Search from Integrate Personnel
  • Criminal Background Checks for Instant People Check
  • Weather Forecasts with Search by City from Long Range Weather

ZolMedia specializes in custom ASP.NET web application development. If you can think up an application, we can do it. We will evaluate your specific requirements and develop a custom ASP.NET application to address your unique specifications and objectives.

Need Help Creating a Spec for your Idea? (Not sure what a "Spec" is?)

Before beginning a Custom Web Application, most developers will require a fleshed-out "Spec" to determine exactly what you're looking for and what it's going to take to develop your application. (If a web developer quotes you a project price without a Spec, be highly suspicious.)

If you have an idea, but you're struggling with identifying all the specifications required, you can start with some basic Consulting. ZolMedia will help you create a Wireframe and Specification for your custom web application. Feel free to take your Spec to any web developer for your final project development.

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