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Web Hosts & Domains

Many web design firms claim to be web hosts or domain name "registrars," but in reality the vast majority of them are simply reselling another company's service (for an extra fee, of course). In addition, some even make themselves the owner of your domain name without your knowledge!

Web hosts

A web host is a company that provides special computers, called "web servers," which are connected to the Internet and house the web pages of your website.

The two major types of web servers are Apache, which typically runs on Linux computers, and IIS (Internet Information Services), which runs on Windows Server computers.

Domain names

A domain name is the Internet address used by both websites (e.g. www.YourCompany.com) and e-mail addresses (e.g. Info@YourCompany.com).

When you obtain one, be sure to use a reputable domain registration company that provides good service and features, yet charges a reasonable fee (typically less than $15 per year).

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind, however, is to MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE REGISTERED AS THE OWNER OF THE DOMAIN NAME! All too often web design companies list themselves as the legal owner (specifically, the "Registrant") of their clients' domain names.

Clear as mud?

If all of this talk of web hosts and domain names is confusing, read our TechVille article ISPs and Web Hosts and Domains, oh my! (originally published in the Coeur d'Alene Press's North Idaho Business Journal). 

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